Ah, Mondays.

Ah, Mondays.

Mondays.  They’re great, aren’t they?  They are especially wonderful after a four day weekend.  I just knew that today was going to be “one of those days” when I wound up driving behind a redneck who wanted his half out of the middle and was going twenty under the speed limit.  I just thought today would be one of those days when the phone was mid-ring before I even got in the door at work.  When one of our tech’s was on vacation and the other called in sick.  When the paperwork kept piling up.  When I didn’t have a chance to study for finals.  When the line at the store seemed endless.  Gripe, gripe gripe.

Then I heard about the students & teacher being held hostage in Wisconsin.  And now all of the sudden my “long day in hell” doesn’t seem so bad at all.  My day was a cake walk compared to what those people were faced with.  Sometimes things like that can really be a kick to the teeth, huh?  There you are… complaining about whatever there is to complain about… and then you hear about a hostage situation.  Kinda makes all your problems seem like nothing, doesn’t it?  Did me. 

My day ended pretty well.  I got my Christmas shopping started.  I picked up my little boy, who I’m happy to say was glad to see me, which of course made my day.  I came home to a Christmas tree that I didn’t have to go cut down.  To a family who, thank God, is healthy & safe.  To no worries at all except studying for a final.  My day didn’t end with a gun in my face.  My day didn’t end in terror.  Thank the Lord.

I’m happy to say that all hostages were released, unharmed, to their families.

You know, it’s really a shame how people act sometimes… especially at this time of year.  Really makes you wonder what’s going on in their minds or in their life that makes them react the way they do.  This may sound naive… it very well may be… but the holidays, though hectic, are ideally a time of love and thankfulness and appreciation.  Unfortunately, we live in an age of hatred and violence.  We’ve even become violent and aggressive in our Christmas shopping!  It’s a shame, really.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are no longer recognized for what they really are.  To give thanks or to give of oneself willingly has become a thing of the past.  We trample one another for the best deals and take lives out of spite and hostility, completely forgetting the hope and love we were given so graciously so long ago.

I fear that the more commercial our holidays get and the less sentimental they become, we will become a more fierce population.  The bitterness that streams from nearly everyone is palpable, already.  It has been for some time.  It’s time to take back what once was.  It’s time to put love and sincerity back into our “holidays”.  Sure, I may sound bogus & sappy.  I don’t mean to be.  But I don’t want to raise my little one to constantly fear for his life, especially during this time of year.  I don’t want him growing up thinking that violence and the hate that comes with it is okay… because it’s not.

You better believe that those families who had a loved one, or loved ONES, in that school are beyond grateful for them coming out unscathed.  I know I would be.  So may it be bogus, simple minded or weak… I choose to fill my holidays with family, love & pure happiness.  Nothing more, nothing less.


4 thoughts on “Ah, Mondays.

  1. I totally agree about the holidays. People have lost touch with the meaning!!! It’s just a big hassle “Gotta go shopping”, “gotta decorate” “gotta… whatever” It’s truly sad =[ All of the magic that holidays once were (for instance when you are a kid) are sucked out of it by the commercialism! How can we fix it?! Seriously, is it necessary to have Christmas stuff on display during Halloween? It’s like one holiday ruins another. If only this world was not run by money.

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