Going, going, gone.

Going, going, gone.

I wrote a note on Facebook a while back entitled “Going, Going, Gone”.  Basically, it was about my childhood & how quickly things changed as I became an adult.  What seemed like years that just flew by, really were just inching along.  My life has never gone by so rapidly until I had my Gabe.  My, how the time has flown!  He’s only 15 months old, so all you parents who may be reading this are probably thinking, “Fifteen months ain’t nothin’!”.  And you’d be right.  It’s not.  But to a new parent, it has seemed like a lifetime, and just like yesterday, all at once.

It’s amazing to me that one year ago we were celebrating Gabe’s first Christmas.  It was magical. . . . for me, anyway.  He had no idea what was going on.  But to me, it was such a big deal (all of his first’s have been a big deal).  This Christmas has snuck up on me.  Like I said in one of my previous blogs, most other years I’d have had everything up & decorated the day after Christmas.  It hasn’t been like that this year (though thank God I finally got it all done!).  But just when I thought there would never be another Christmas to beat last year, this one proves me wrong.  Although Gabe doesn’t really know what’s going on, he obviously understands more than last year.  I love how he looks at the tree and all the “pretties” we have out!  It’s bittersweet, for sure.  And Christmas isn’t the only thing that I’m sure will bring me to tears one day.  Happy tears, guys.  Happy tears.

There will be birthdays, Halloween’s, Easters… first date, prom, college… wedding, first baby of his own, etc.  Just thinking about it all just astounds me.  My little one is growing fast!  And he’s only a year old!  The time will be gone before I have a chance to blink.  Pretty soon my little man will be going to kindergarten.  He’ll be joining his first little league.  He’ll have his first favorite box that, like his momma, he’ll turn into a car… or whatever floats his boat.  He’s finding something new everyday.  And, just like momma, one day he’ll be going, going, gone.  All I can do is pray that he makes the right decisions… and that maybe the cardboard box days will not leave me in the dust as quickly as I know they will.

Here’s to our little ones, y’all.  They make our world go round.


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