Are you on… The List?!

Are you on… The List?!

He sees you when you're sleeping...

I was listening to the radio this morning as I was driving to work (Big D & Bubba…. yes, yes I know..), and part of their bit was having kids call in & talk to “Santa”.  The kids would call in thinking they were on the “naughty” list & plead their case with St. Nick in hopes of earning a place on the more desirable “nice” list.  One kid called for beating up his sister, another for fighting at school, etc, etc.  And of course, one by one, each was placed back on the nice list by the fat man himself.  I thought this was hysterical and sweet.  I, too, did things that definitely should have landed me on the naughty list.  Ah!  A shock, I know; but ’tis true.  I had my moments of pure, blissful mischievousness.  In fact, I remember one year during the summer my younger brother and I were playing Noah’s ark in the living room (betcha already know where this is headed.  If not, stay tuned).  We gathered all of our stuffed animals & piled them all on the couch and moved some of the furniture around ’cause the pieces were in the way of the ark (couch).  And then it happened.  We filled our living room, every inch of it, with water.  Some of it was brought in buckets from the bathroom, and Aaron even went so far as to BRING THE WATER HOSE from the side of the house.  Oh, yes.  The living room had been demolished in 30 minutes time by two kids under the age of seven.  Just as we were about to climb onto the ark (couch) ourselves, when mom and dad came in, stunned, and very angry.  Needless to say, I don’t remember much after that.  But I do remember that Santa came that Christmas in abundance.  This goes to show you that Santa, naughty and nice list or not, is a forgiving old man.  Or maybe he just has a good sense of humor.  😉

Now this is the part where you share your story(ies).  Make ’em count!


2 thoughts on “Are you on… The List?!

  1. hahaha wow!!!! Oh to be young with that kind of imagination!!! 😀 I am an only child… with a retired mom who never took her eyes off of me. =| I really didn’t manage to get away with much.. pretty sad. I think the worst thing that I ever did was with my cousin, we were probably 5 or 6. We were playing in her back yard. She called me over to a big tree to show me the gravestone of her dead cat, Lola. After telling me all about the cat she told me that she really wanted to play with her again. We came up with an idea that went something like this: “I know! Maybe we could just dig her up and play with her for a while and then just put her back before mommy comes!” Sounded like a good idea at the timeeeee….. before we knew about dead bodies decomposing. Fortunately the ground had been packed well and the dirt had hardened… we had moved the grave stone and began digging, and digging until… “GIRLS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” The whole operation was shut down. Oh 🙂 and Santa still came.

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