Christmas came…

Christmas came…

and Christmas conquered.  Here it is Tuesday and we’re still recovering from the blast!  Not to say that it wasn’t great, because it was.  But whoa!  Did it leave us with whiplash.  It came and went so fast that I just don’t know what to do with myself!  In the weeks that were leading to Christmas I was going full speed.  Every day, it seemed, I was shopping and baking… baking and shopping.  I even found myself at the store the day after Christmas, which NEVER happens.  But there I was… in line at Target… buying more crap.   Ah, such is life.  But that fact aside, Christmas was great!  Great family time (for once) and (almost) everyone was home.  For the first time I ever, I did not take many pictures.  Sad face.  But I did manage to get a few of Gabe:

He'll hate me for those pj's one day. 🙂

This year, I was faced with the whole Santa thing (Santa in the future.. not now, obviously).  Will I:

A) Lie to Gabe and let him go on believing for YEARS that Santa is, in fact, real… only to debunk that when he’s older… or…

B) Be honest with Gabe… letting him know that Santa, the Santa most children know today anyway, is mythical.


I have no idea.  I really don’t have to worry about this until he’s older… like… hell, I dunno.  Older.  But, being the analytical wonder that I am, I am thinking about it now.  For the future.  The looong stretch, as it were.  And I. Don’t. Know.  I have no idea what I”m going to say when that time comes.  Truth is, lying to my kid, even with good intentions, seems… well, wrong.  But, on the flip side, I can see how spoiling the fun might do some damage as well.  His father believed in Santa until he was 12 (I think).  I think that is ABSURD.  Yes, ABSURD.  My mom broke the news to me when I was seven or eight (she couldn’t keep lying, either).  I think seven or eight years is more than enough time to lie to your children (you have no idea how weird it was to type that).  Twelve is bordering on insane.

To infinity...
Of course, Santa is not the reason for the  season.  I know that.  Gabe will grow up knowing that Jesus, not Santa, is the reason for Christmas.  I have no problem building Gabe’s faith in Jesus because He is real… He is alive!  But Santa?  Eh.  I just don’t know.  I hate to be a fuddy duddy.  Truly, I do.  But the thought of lying to Gabe is appaling to me.  Oh, I don’t know.  I would appreciate any thoughts you might have… I’ve already collected a few opinions… all of which have been pro Santa Claus.  Hit me up.

One thought on “Christmas came…

  1. I too believed in Santa until I was 12. As well as the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy etc. 😉 lol! Honestly, I feel like I can definitely speak from true perspective since I learned the truth so late… the fun of Christmas vanishes after you know the truth. It’s like the holiday is still there but the magic is gone. You have nothing to wonder about… the world is just real. No problem with being real, but it was just so much more magical when the world was still, well, magical. It’s your call though!

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