New Year, Fresh Start.

New Year, Fresh Start.

Another year is coming to an end.  It’s gone by so quickly.  My little one turned a year old, I’ve started back to school, I’ve overcome some hardships… overall, it’s been a good year.

My New Years Eve has started off with a bang… in diaper form.  Ah, yes.  Gabe’s diaper exploded just as we were headed out the door.  Before I continue, let me just say that this diaper could have easily been compared to Pearl Harbor.  Fo’ real.  Our troops have it all wrong with ammunition; all they need are a couple thousand tons of diarrhea filled diapers to drop and we’d be set.  Anyway.  On a less disgusting note, I’ll be spending New Years with my now sleeping little one, and I’m totally okay with that.  I might watch a chick flic (or two) and then head off to bed.  The weather in Alex has been particularly hellish, anyway.  We’ve had a couple of tornadoes touch down in CenLa today, which is unusual for December.  It’s also pretty hot & humid… also unusual for December.  Oh, wait.  I live in Louisiana.  We have two seasons here: mild summer, and hot summer (insert drum roll here).

'11Now straying from terrible jokes… I hope you all have a had a wonderful year.  To everyone who has helped me through some hard times, I thank you.  You have all blessed my heart in ways that you may never know.  You’ve put up with my crap, my excessive whining, and my down-right absent-minded ridiculousness* and for that I am grateful (I’m even more grateful that none of you have killed me for [any] of it).  I love you all more than you can imagine.  I wish you all a happy, and SAFE, New Year.

Love y’all.

*A new year calls for a new word.  Ridiculousness is a word now.


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