Exhaustion is beginning to set in.

Exhaustion is beginning to set in.


I’m wiped out.  Gabe’s been sick since last week, and it’s only gotten worse since Monday.  We took him to the ER last Monday for a high fever and bad congestion.  The doctor gave him amoxicillin and instructed us to give him all of it, regardless of whether Gabe seemed better or not.  Cutting the medicine off short would only make the sickness come back worse.  So that’s what we did.  Come this past Monday, it’s back again — worse!  And we’d been giving him the medicine!  Mrs. Kathy (owner of Gabe’s daycare) called Monday and said that he had a fever and that I needed to go get him.  So I got him home and settled down.  I put him down for bed around 8:30, and the poor baby coughed all night until 3:00am when his fever reached its highest.  I took him BACK to the ER and waited there three hours waiting for some results (they tested him for flu & RSV while we were there).  Both results came back negative.  About 6:00am, the doctor comes back, says he’s not sure what’s wrong, but that he’s writing a prescription for a Z-Pack.  Boy, I wish he’d have done that last week.  Do you know that’s all it took for him to get to feeling better?  Anyway.  Two days later, I’m exhausted.  Gabe’s been up for the past two nights coughing, which didn’t keep me awake, but he couldn’t sleep, and so I couldn’t sleep.  So now… I’m tired.  Very tired.

But Gabe’s doing better, now.  His breathing is much improved and his cough is productive.  Hopefully he’ll sleep through the night… I’m slowly turning into a zombie.  Zombie Sarah is not an attractive thing.  It’s frightful.  And grumpy.  Anyway.  I’m off to bed.  Post about pre-puberty pre-teens in the music industry tomorrow… or whenever I finish.

G’night all.


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