Finally Coming Around

Finally Coming Around

In years past I have resolved to never make New Years resolutions.  I haven’t since my freshman year of high school, in fact.  That has GOT to be the longest held resolution ever, and I’ve chosen to finally break it.  So here it is January 10th, and I have finally got my list (yes, list… I’m making up for lost time) of resolutions.  Get ready for it, ’cause here we go.  We’ll be starting with a gimme:

1. I resolve to lose weight.  I know everybody & their momma makes this resolution year after year… but I mean it.  I have a one year old who moves at super sonic speeds & I’d like to be able to keep up with him.  So my plan for 2011 is to lose the 60 lbs that I packed on during pregnancy.  I haven’t been this heavy since, well, freshman year – high school.  Size 10 jeans here I come!

2. I resolve to be nicer.  I know, I know… “But Sarah!  You’re amazing!”  I know I am… thanks. 😉  Nah, seriously.  More often than not (especially lately) I have been Miss Crabbypants and have been taking everyone’s head off.  Or wanting to, anyway.  I’ll be genuinely pleasant at the end of the year.  Hopefully.

3. I’m going to try my hardest to grow a pair.  Honestly.  I am a wonder in that I am SPINELESS.  I have never been able to handle controversy the way most adults can, and I hate it.  This lack-of-spine-osis makes me cower when I should be able to stand up and defend myself… and my child.  This year, I will grow a spine… and, as previously stated, a pair.

4. I have always had trust issues.  You know that “exercise” in which people fall back on their partner, causing the partner to (ideally) catch the other?  Yeah.  TOTALLY have never been able to do that.  So I resolve to be more trusting.  Not naïve… just trusting.  Of all my “resolutions”, this is the least likely to happen.

5. I resolve to be more trustWORTHY.

6. I resolve to be a better mom.  More patient.  More understanding that my child is only one year old and is still learning… and will be for a LOOONG time.  I’m learning, still, too.  Maybe we can both learn together.

7. I resolve to take my school work more seriously.  I passed this semester with a B, but that was by the grace of God alone.  My nose will be buried in books from January 18th to May… whenever the last day is.

8. I’m SUCH a kid when it comes to greens.  Unless it’s broccoli or green beans, I will not eat it.  Peas… spinach… avocado… blech.  Take it away from me!  But I promise to give the green family a chance.  Maybe.

9. I resolve to put to an end my incessant road rage.  You can bet that the minute I get into a car, rage is in tow.  This includes, but is not limited to, “buggy driving” at Wal-Mart.  If you know me, you know that the only thing I hate worse than driving in traffic is Wal-Mart.  People talking the aisles.. catching up on “the latest”, being constantly rammed with a buggy, random kids popping up from outta nowhere (parents nowhere to be seen), etc.  I HATE WAL-MART.  But, I promise to be a better sport and not get (quite as) angry.  Until I get out of the store.. and into my car. 🙂

10. I have kinda sorta not really been working on my book since school let out in early December.  So far I have one rough draft and two pages of notes.  In short, I got nothin’.  So I promise to really work on my book and hope to God that I’ll have something to show by the summer.

and lastly…

11. Come hail or high water, I am going to find my way around a sewing machine.  There are a couple of projects (to add to the list) that I’m interested in starting.  But first I need to A) Buy a sewing machine, and B) Figure it out.

That’s quite a list I’ve got, there.  Fingers crossed that I can get even half of it done.  In other news, this weekend went by in a flash – of course.  Weekends are always a blur.  Wasn’t bad though.  I got some cuddle time in with Gabe that he NEVER allows…. it was nice.  This morning I was late, of course, and was nearly run off the road by a Hospice van (go figure).  But I am here, unscathed, and the day has progressed quickly. 🙂  One of my resolutions was to eat more greens… tried spinach for lunch.  Eh.  I won’t be having that again.   I started my diet today, too!  I’m really excited about it and hope to do really well.  Diets have never really worked for me, but lets get real here… do they really work for anyone?  But I am in this to lose, so lose I shall!  Until later, guys… have a great Monday.


2 thoughts on “Finally Coming Around

  1. Sarah…do you follow Summerscircus? She is on my blog roll…which reminded me just now that YOU are supposed to be as well…I will remedy that ASAP. Anywhatevertheheck…she and I are on Spark People…it’s a diet/exercise/nutrition/goal tracker/social media…oh hell. I don’t know what all it is…I just started it last week.

    Anyway, if you are interested, check it out and look me up. My username is “charlettepaulk”. That’s top secret. Don’t go tellin’ everybody.

    Oh, and by the way, The sewing machine resolution really cracked me up! I went through that phase YEARS ago. Eventually, I just brought the damn thing over to my mom’s and gave it to her. Now SHE has to do all my hemming, mending, and sewing for the REST OF HER LIFE. When she’s gone, I’ll find some other sucker to pawn this off on.

  2. I definitely will! Thanks so much for the tip! ha.. I would probably do that to my mom as well… except she’s in the same boat I’m in! So the damn thing’ll probably take up more room in my closet that I don’t have to give. 🙂 We shall see!

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