Abortion in Philadelphia

Abortion in Philadelphia

So have you heard about the moron in Philadelphia that is being charged with eight counts of murder… seven abortions and one death of a woman under his “care”?  All the infants were born past 6 months gestation, and their spinal cords cut with a pair of scissors.

First of all, let me say that I am pro-life.  If you’re big and bad enough to do the deed, then you ought to big & bad enough to face your consequence(s).  If that consequence just so happens to be a baby, then so be it.  If you’re selfish enough, however, to abort the pregnancy… well.  In my opinion, you’re garbage.  Abortion is just an easy way out for your irresponsibility.

Secondly, I think the guy responsible should be hung for this.  Or whatever.  He should be punished.  But he probably won’t be thanks to our wonderful country being as liberal as it is.  “A fetus isn’t a living thing until it’s out in the open.”  Right.  Well, those children were “out in the open”.  So are the infants that are born “halfway”, so to speak, and have their little brains scrambled.  The MOMENT a child is conceived, that child is ALIVE.  It has a heartbeat, it gets nourishment from its mother…. it’s a living person.  It is amazing how rapidly a baby grows while inside it’s mother…. What’s more, the baby is pushing him or herself through the birth canal.  Are you telling me that it’s dead, while its working to be born, until it reaches air?  Absolutely not!  To say a baby isn’t alive until he or she makes an appearance into the world as we know it is ridiculous.  If it has a heartbeat, if it develops, if it can feel, hear….. it’s alive.  And it is a beautiful little life that people so selfishly take away on a whim because they’re not prepared to handle it.  It’s a shame, the world we live in.  It is even more shameful that we allow this to happen to our little ones.


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