A fellow blogger, Zohrbak, has what she calls Confession Thursdays.  I swear after this post I’ll not steal her thunder again, but I have a confession to make (BTW, if you’ve never read her blog you really should).  Anyway, here’s my confession.

Now mind you, this isn’t mind-blowing, nor is it scandalous.  So you’re looking for scandal, you’re in the wrong place.  But plain & simple, I LOVE to cook.  Specifically, I LOVE to bake.  There is something about it that is so relaxing… provided I’m not in a rush; usually, I’m not.  Anyway… I love it.  Now.  Here’s why that’s a confession:  I’m seriously considering leaving LSU-A & going to culinary school.

Will I actually do it?  I think most of you know me well enough to know that I probably will not.  Not because of my lack of follow through (or is it?), but because there really is no possible way for me to do it.  But I really, REALLY want to.  Cooking for people is one way I have to express care or love.  It’s crazy, I know.  But everything I make, from brownies to fudge and burgers to lasagna, is made with my greatest effort.  I try to put a lot of work into what I make, and I love to share it with people I care for.  Does that mean my cake frosting skills are impeccable?  Pft.  Not at all.  If you’ve seen me frost a cake, you’d know that no matter how hard I try, it’ll come out weird-looking.  But it tastes AMAZING.  I’m not trying to toot my horn, and I don’t really expect any comments.  It’s just a thought… er… a confession, I expect.

So, anyway.  That’s my confession.  In other news, Gabe & I are still alive and kickin’ (or in Gabe’s case, kickin’ & screamin’).  My boy is seventeen months as of today.  My, the time is flying.  He’s got a new game, now.  While wearing socks, ONLY when wearing socks, he likes to take off towards the kitchen and slide on the floor… all the while exclaiming his happiness.  “WHEEEE!”, he says.  Funny boy. 🙂  I, on the other hand, am not nearly experiencing that kind of fun.  The spring semester started Tuesday.  I’m taking psychology (woohoo) and another math (yippee).  Oddly enough, I think psychology will be kicking my butt this semester instead of math.  It’s crazy, but it’s true.  My book has been put off until the summer, go figure.  I’m still kinda working on it, just not as avidly.  Hopefully I’ll have it finished before the fall semester starts up. 

But, that’s pretty much it.  My life in a nutshell: cookin’, slippin’, slidin’, kickin’, screamin’, readin’, writin’, no sleepin’.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  🙂


One thought on “Confessions.

  1. Girl…steal my thunder any ole time! I am glad to have inspired a post, that’s all! And I often read fellow bloggers’ posts looking for something..hell…anything, to inspire a post for me. Thanks for the plug!

    And good luck with this decision…I personally regret not finishing college, and you have your whole life to pursue your true passions…so don’t make any rash decisions…


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