Potty Trainin’ & Cupcakes

Potty Trainin’ & Cupcakes

Yep.  You heard right.  This weekend was all about potty trainin’ and cupcakes.  And when I say “all about” I mean Gabe spent thirty minutes on the potty at 6:00 Saturday morning while eating breakfast.  He decided after the Cheerios were gone, he was done.  But we gave it a shot.  I decided, after it nearly turned into a fiasco, that I am going to buy another potty where the boy part (…no idea what it’s called.  Splash guard, perhaps?) doesn’t come off.  Gabe realized five minutes into potty time that, “Hey!  This comes off!  And I can play with it!  HEY!  It can fit in my mouth!”  Yeah.  Thank GOD he didn’t actually USE the potty… or else we’d have been in biiiig trouble.  Or, at least, I’d have had to scrub his mouth.  Urine in the mouth is no laughing matter.  Not that I’d know.  No, seriously.  I don’t.  Moving on.

Anyway.  Potty training for us isn’t exactly a new thing.  Those of you who are mothers will know where I’m coming from.  Those of you who aren’t probably will not.  But those of you who are, know that from the time the kid’s walking (who am I kidding.  From the time the kid’s BORN), you are, and will forever be, accompanied to the bathroom.  At the store, at home, at Aunt Sue’s… when you’re in the bathroom, so is he or she.  So the whole potty thing for Gabe isn’t a new concept.  Actually, he loves to flush the toilet.  Not that this makes him genius by any account.  I’m pretty sure all seventeen month olds are enthralled with blue, whooshing water.  Yes, I said whooshing.  Don’t judge me.  He also has taking his diaper off pretty well.  He loves to be naked (or as mom says, “nekkid” [NO.  I do not let him roam around naked]).  But the point is, this is not a new idea for Gabe.  Enforcing it, however, is a new idea for Gabe.  I’m sure if he’d have thought of using the potty all his own that he’d be completely on board with the whole procedure.  Unfortunately, mom thought of it.  So, of course, my toddler isn’t thrilled with being forced to leave the precious diaper behind.

I remember thinking that he’d be soooo easy to potty train, because when he was little bitty he HATED to be wet or soiled.  Hated it.  But he’s a boy.  Filth is a big part of their world.  He got used to it.  I do not think, however, that he’ll be especially hard to potty train once I get some… structure?.. down pat.  Once we kind of get into a routine, that is to say.  I’ve read several blogs, etc on potty training and the various methods that are available to me.  The next weekend I have him completely to myself we’ll give a few of them a go.  But my question for you, moms, is this: What were some ways that you used to potty train your little one(s)?  I’ve read that they’re not completely potty trained until they’re about three, so I’m not expecting a miracle.  But toss a few ideas at me.  🙂

In other news, this weekend I made some cupcakes.  Butter Pecan Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream, to be exact.  They weren’t bad, I s’pose.  Not what I had expected to be honest, but everyone who ate them loved them (particularly the buttercream).  I have to say that the two flavors paired well together — neither overpowered the other.  If you’ve ever had Nutella, I’d suggest you try your hand at this recipe.  If you have NOT tried Nutella, I really think you should… but try it on toast or a gram cracker first.  It is AMAZING.  I cheated on the cake part…. the Butter Pecan cupcakes were from a mix; the icing was homemade.  🙂  Get at me for the recipe.


3 thoughts on “Potty Trainin’ & Cupcakes

  1. I have not started potty training my little girl yet. However, a book I tend to follow is call “The Baby Whisperer.” Essentally, my daughter’s life has been made into a nice routine. Worked like a charm for daycare, travelling, and general sanity.

    The book’s tip suggests putting baby on the toilet right after meals/snacks. Baby will go to the bathroom approximately 20 mins after a meal. I have no experience to authenticate the theory, and the theory is based on a nine month old. But you could go with the general concept of “after meals/snacks.”

  2. I have four children…as you know. I have never potty trained anyone in my life. Daycare did it for me. With all four. I can’t even house train an animal. I am not good with following routines or making sure that certain things happen at a certain time. I am forgetful. I am amazed that God gave me four kids to take care of…when I am hardly capable of caring for myself!

    Here’s my advice as an aged, experienced mother of four children: Don’t sweat it. When Gabe is ready to pee in the potty, he will do so. He might be 2. He might be 4. But the more you worry about it, the longer it will take. For Realz!

    Did you take that cupcake photo for your blog, or is it a stock photo? If you took it, I am totally impressed with the lighting and backdrop trouble that you went through! I totally want to try that nutella stuff, I have heard that it is fab.u.lous!

  3. Thanks for the advice! 🙂 No ma’am, I took it. It’s one of several that actually turned out the way I wanted it to. You should DEFINITELY try it… it’s amazing. It’s one of two items I will always have at home… the other is Shout. 🙂

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