Pshhhh… CRUMBS don’t have CALORIES!

Pshhhh… CRUMBS don’t have CALORIES!

hmph.  Boy, if only that were true.  I’ve noticed (okay, so I’ve noticed since I’ve had Gabe… a year & a half, now) that I have become quite the cow.  Yes, a cow.  Before I had Gabe I was a happy size 12; 14 on a bad day.  SINCE I’ve had Gabe I’m in a…. well.  Let’s just leave it at I’m no longer in a 12, mmkay?  I understand right after having Gabe, being a cow.  But it’s been A YEAR & A HALF.  My cowness should at least be halved, right?  You’d think so.  But nooo.  I lost 15 pounds in July.  I have managed to not gain it back.  I haven’t lost a pound since.  It’s really pretty discouraging.  Between June & July I was doing Weight Watchers.  It went great… until the end of July.  Then, no matter how much I worked out.. no matter how little or how well I ate… I couldn’t lose anything.  So, naturally, I quit Weight Watchers, because there was no way in hell I was going to pay $60 a month for nothing.  I kept watching what I was eating, though, even after I quit… and still… nothing.  I didn’t even eat excessively throughout the holidays… and still… I got nothin’.  ugh.  I don’t know.
I know what you’re thinking, “Well, you must be doing SOMETHING differently”.  Truth be told, since I started school this semester, I really have eaten any & every thing that didn’t get out of the way.  Carbs, especially.  I love bread.  And crackers.  Oh, gah… crackers.  Thankfully, I haven’t gained a pound (it’ll catch me sooner or later).  I have decided, though, to start working out again.  I’m really looking in to Zumba.  It looks like fun… and it looks like it’ll keep my attention.  I’ve also decided to go to the doctor (ugh) and get my thyroid checked (UGH!).  I’m not blaming my hippiness completely on the thyroid, if at all.  But I’ve had trouble with it in the past, and I think it would be wise to go get it checked out.  I HATE going to the doctor.  In fact, I don’t know anyone who enjoys making a trip.  Well..  ok, I’m lying to you.  I do know a few people who see their doctor(s) more frequently than their own shadow.  But that’s beside the point.  Anyway.  I’m going into this swingin’… hoping for some good, or at least decent, results.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I bombed my psychology exam.  Yep.  It pretty much blew up in my face.  I was fine until she said “Don’t be nervous”.  Eh… that was probably the worst thing I could have heard at that point.  This week as a whole just hasn’t been all that fantastic.  Yesterday, I took Gabe to the doctor for what I thought was pink eye.  It wasn’t pink eye.  I took him… to the doctor… for allergies.  I’m happy to say, though, that little bit’s doing fine now and had an exceptionally good day at daycare.  Matter of fact, he’s sleeping right now.  I think he’s got the right idea, and I’m going to go join him.


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