Little Survivors

Little Survivors

I really ought to be typing up a psychology study guide.  Instead, I’m sitting here… thinking about other things.  I was listening to 100.3 coming in to work this morning… they’re doing the St. Jude Hospital radiothon.  I don’t normally listen to that… it’s so sad, and I just can’t stand thinking about little ones being so sick.  But today I listened.  I heard several stories from several families about their brave little ones.  I cannot imagine being that child… being told that you’ve got cancer or leukemia… and I can’t imagine being those parents that bear all that weight.  I’m simply not strong enough to deal with it… and I am so thankful that my little one is well.  I usually hate radiothons.  Not because I don’t care about the cause, but because it’s hard for me to face that reality.  But now, as a momma, it’s a reality that I hope to God I will never have to face… or that my little Gabe will ever have to face.

St. Jude’s is such a worthy cause.  Those children are a worthy cause.  The research, the funding…. all of it is worthy.  I am so glad that people have somewhere to turn when their lives crash down around them.  I was listening again a little while ago… one of the speakers said they hoped one day that they could close their doors… but today is not that day.  I, too, hope that one day they can close their doors and never admit another patient.  With proper funding and support, that dream can become a reality.  Until then, there’s no where else like it.

“When St. Jude opened its doors in 1962, the survival rate for lymphoblastic leukemia was 4%.  Thanks to research & treatment protocols developed at St Jude, the survival rate for the disease is at 94%.”

That’s amazing.  So here’s to a good year and a fresh start for so many kids & their families.  Here’s to the little one’s who lost their life, and to the families who watched them fade.  Here’s to the little survivors and the fighters…. we’re one step closer to finding a cure.


One thought on “Little Survivors

  1. I am a childhood cancer survivor. I wasn’t a “little one”, since I was 17 when I was diagnosed.I had 828 days of intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments. But I am my parent’s little girl, and their only girl. It was physically and emotionally chaotic, but we got through it. I’ve seen my friends from the hospital go on with normal lives and be happy kids. And I’ve seen many pass away. But there is so much good that comes from it all. The love that I have for my parents and that my parents have for me increased 100 fold. Life is all that much more beautiful.

    My mother continues to help families with children that have been diagnosed with cancer. She gives that hope to families in this situation, and lets them know that they are not alone in their struggles. She helps them have courage and to dream and to most importantly smile.

    I’m sure you would be strong enough to handle cancer. If you love your child that much, you would be.

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