It’s All Fun & Games

It’s All Fun & Games

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.”  – George Dorsey

Wise words.  This past weekend was a whole lotta play for me & Gabe.  I enjoyed every second of it!  Since this semester started I haven’t had a helluva lot of time with my little man with exceptions of breakfast, lunch, dinner, & bath… and a little bit of reading, too.  We went with Mom to Kees Park and he played his little heart out.  I’ve created a slide monster, I’m afraid.  I went with him on his first few trips down…. then he got brave & did it all by himself.  His favorite part, though, was the little school bus they have.  He loved “driving” it… and from the front he looked like a short little disgruntled driver. 

Road Hog!
Get outta the way!


We were there for quite a while.  Afterward we went to Splurge.  For those of you who are not familiar, it’s a frozen yogurt shop in Pineville.  It. Is. AMAZING.  Seriously.  Momma got a wedding cake flavor that is incredible…. I opted for the cookies ‘n cream…. Gabe, of course, got chocolate, because I didn’t think he’d care for wedding cake or cheesecake (yes… CHEESECAKE.  freakin’ cool. no pun intended).  Go figure, he prefered my cookies ‘n cream, which was okay by me ’cause I liked the chocolate, too. 

We ended our Gabe, Momma, Grammie day at Target, my store of stores, for diapers, wipes, and… well, I forget.  Other stuff.  We had a good day… I can’t wait for more like it.  Holding out for summer!  Got my mid-term grades back… A’s.  Heck yeah… this may be worth it.  Memphis here I come!

Ya got somethin' right there...
Brain freeze!!

“Play is really the work of childhood.”  – Fred Rogers


2 thoughts on “It’s All Fun & Games

    1. Whew.. me too! I’m glad I live thirty miles outta the way… or my ever-growing waist line would more rapidly expand. Who am I kidding… my waist line would blow up. Buttons would be flying everywhere… and I’d run the risk of being sued for a button to the eye.

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