Life Lessons

Life Lessons

As a general rule, I’m the first to say, “Live & learn.”  More often than not, however, I don’t take my own advice.

I HATE life lessons… when they first happen, anyway.  I usually learn to love ’em… just not immediately.  At first occurence, my first instinct is to be embarrassed or irritated.

Like yesterday, for example.  Some of you know that I am incredibly pale.  Put me in a room with a black light and I’ll glow, baby, glow.  So yesterday, in an effort to put a 14 day fix on my blinding whiteness, I went to “tan”.  Thirty five dollars & 15 minutes later, I emerge from the spray on (yes.  spray on.) tan booth.  Thirty five dollars & 15 minutes later I was bronzed, streaky, & spotted.  That tan went on about as evenly as painted tree bark.  Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it until I got home and the “tan” had darkened.  Needless to say, I was mortified.  Still am.  I’ll have this wonderful “glow” (yeah.. think orange push pop or oompa loompa) for 2 weeks.  It ain’t goin’ anywhere too fast.  Whoopee.

I think it is safe to say that I’ve learned my lesson, though.  Guess I’m just meant to be painfully pale… and avoid any bronzer that might come anywhere near my skin.

Gabe, on the other hand, seems to enjoy life lessons… though, granted, not all of them.  At his age, this is good.  Hell.. who am I kidding.  At MY age, this is good… I just don’t care for it.  The difference between my bright-eyed boy & myself?  He takes it and runs with it (sometimes literally).  Me?  I sit and stew… and often times text my girl friends about my aggravating situations (God bless their hearts).

Life lesson #2 for the week: Learn from my son’s love for new adventures.  Take it and let it soar.  These lessons in life — no matter how painful, embarrassing, or maddening they may be — are helping me grow.  I think it is safe to say that we all need a little growth in our lives… so long as that growth is not mold, bacteria of any kind, or unwanted facial hair.  😉

Gabe’s life lesson for the week, #362: Dried cranberries, no matter how good out of the box, are NOT good with pocket lint on them.  Ever.

Little Red Tennis Shoes
Yep. This is how he roams around our yard. Pantless, with shoes. He's a little strange. ♥

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