Wipe Out!

Wipe Out!

I am WIPED. OUT.  Gabe & I have been running non-stop since Friday at 12.  When I say I’m finally sitting down… I’m being serious.  I left work at 12 Friday because we had family come in from Connecticut… so I brought Gabe in to town with me instead of driving back to Hineston, only to drive back to Alexandria… only to drive BACK to Hineston.  After work I looked high & low for a pair of red Converses.  These are Gabe’s signature shoe… he’s had a pair since before he was walking, bless his heart.  But he looks so cute in them & they’re not expensive.  He’s in a seven, now… and wouldn’t you know it?  They only had 6’s & 8’s.  Not a seven to be found anywhere in Alexandria.  Believe me when I say I looked in every shoe store in Alexandria… every shoe department… everywhere.  And we got nothin’.  It’s not the end of the world, and more will come in… so it’s no big deal.  But that was the other half of our Friday before dinner.  Which we were late for.  About 30 minutes late for.  I know it’s terrible and inconsiderate (although I don’t mean to be), but I think people have come to expect that when I say 5:30, I probably really mean 6:00.  It is rare when I get out the door on time.. with or without Gabe in tow.

Anyway.  So we were late, of course… except this time it was really okay, because everyone else was late, too.  The twelve of us sat in the back room of Cajun Catfish from 5:30 (ok, ok… 6:00. 15.  6:15) to a little after 8, I guess.  It was really nice!  I have to say, most times I dread family get togethers.  And now here is the part where I explain myself.  It’s not because I don’t like to see my family.. that’s really not it at all.  But the truth is, we never SEE our family.  Either side.  And it’s not for lack of trying!  We’re all pretty busy… and some of us live states apart.  Connecticut isn’t exactly a hop, skip, & jump over this way, you know?  So it’s safe to say that my thinking on the way out was, “Oh, God.  This is going to be SO. AWKWARD.”  But it wasn’t at all!  My cousin’s fiance` came down, so it was nice to meet her… all in all it was a nice visit.

Fast forward to Saturday.  We had Gabe’s Easter pictures yesterday.  They turned out pretty good, I think!  Christina Louvierre did them, and she was so nice & patient with Gabe!  We really enjoyed the visit & will definitely be using her in the future!  Before that, though, our morning was…. chaotic, to say the least.  Some of you may know that I am directionally challenged.  Hineston to Lake Charles is pretty much a straight shot… but I can get turned around on a one way.  I’m a good driver… but never, never, NEVER ask me to give you directions.  So I was already worried about the two of us getting lost somewhere down there.  Added bonus, we left 35 minutes late.  Thankfully, Gabe & I got there unscathed and on time (whew!).  He was excellent, and she was so pleasant.  Our day ended well, Gabe falling asleep on his hot dog & fries. 🙂

Momma left for NOLA today.  She’ll be gone for seven weeks, minus Saturdays.  She gets to come home on weekends (Friday after 5), but has to leave Sunday mornings at 10.  Bummer.  But, plus side, she got a job at Allstate.  She already has her auto license, so now all she needs is home & life (??).  After May 20th she should have her license in both, which will help her out a good bit.  Y’all say a prayer for her,  as she’ll be down there by herself most of the time.

And now, here I sit… needing to at least make an effort to type up my psych study guide.  Gabe’s under my feet playing and jabbering… we’re finally still (if only for a second).  Going to try to enjoy the rest of my weekend; y’all do the same!


2 thoughts on “Wipe Out!

  1. Wow! Hope things calm down for you soon. And don’t you hate that? When they have every other size shoe but the one you want? (You should probably go back and buy the 8s, so you have them when you need them!) 🙂

    1. Thank you! Me too… but things won’t be calm until after finals, I’m afraid. I’ve got about a month left of hectic. =\ And yes, I do hate that! I’ll probably be buying the eight’s tomorrow… his foot grows 90 to nothin’, anyway. 😉

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