Still Building Back

Still Building Back

IT’S CAVITY SEASON!  You heard right, folks.  Easter’s coming up quickly, and I can already hear the dentists warming up their drills.  Oh, it’s in the air.  🙂  Nah, but for real: Easter’s coming up.  There’s something about Christian-based holidays that bring out the thoughtful in me, so bear with me if you can.  If not, I understand & feel free to amscray.

Probably my most favorite Christian songs of all time is “Build Us Back” (you can hear it on another post here).  It was written for Haiti when the hurricane hit… but I think it rings true for our everyday lives, too.  I think it is also a pretty good tune choice for Easter, as well.  Why, you ask?  First, ask yourself these questions, “Why did He come?  What did He accomplish when He was here?  What is He still doing now?”  Much like the title, He’s building us back… everyday.  Everyday we struggle with something.  Some days feel worse than others.  On those days, what builds us back up?  What gives us a constant strength and resounding peace?  Sure, alcohol may soothe the savage beast for a while.  But when it’s all said & done, don’t you feel like garbage?  More than likely.  Beating the crap out of something may calm your nerves for a moment.  But when you’re staring at a 40 foot hole in your wall, don’t you feel like screaming again?  Unless you’re renovating your home, yes.. you do.  Truth is, whether we want to acknowledge Him or not, He’s the only thing we’ve really got going for us.  He builds us back, from the ground up, every day.

We’ve been crumbled, we’ve been crushed;
City walls have turned to dust.
Broken hands & blistered feet —
We walk for miles to find relief.

When the thief takes, when our hopes cave
You build us back; you build us back.
When the earth shakes, when the world breaks
You build us back; you build us back.

Haven’t we all felt like the walls around us are caving in?  Haven’t there been moments when you don’t feel like you can take another step?  Just when your world is crashing… who always steps in?

We are scared, we are poor
All our safety nets are torn.
We’ve been humbled to our knees
From these ruins, we believe.
When the thief takes, when our hopes cave,
You build us back; you build us back.
You’ve fallen down.  Who picks you up?
Redeemer, redeem us
Restorer, restore us
Oh build us back
Though the mountains be shaken, the hills be removed
Your unfailing love remains
After all that’s been taken, Your promise, still sacred
You build us back with precious stones.
Our Jesus builds us back, time after time.  My favorite line in the song is, “After all that’s been taken, Your promise still sacred.  You build us back with precious stones.”
Chokes me up every time.  I really needed to hear that the other day.  I’m facing some tough stuff.  Things that, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be so bad… seem unbeatable.  I’m terrified… but I know we’ll be okay.  I know that I’ve got to fall down for Him to pick me back up again.  His promise never fails me.  His promise has gotten me through PPD.  Through school.  Through…. tough stuff.  My Jesus knows this situation like the back of His hand.  He knows yours, too.  So if you’ve fallen down… if you don’t see an end in sight… just wait.  He’ll build you back, too.
So that’s MY Easter song.  Easter is a time of promise and renewed life.  He died for you, and He died for me.  He’s ALIVE!, and He’s still very much here.
If you don’t hear from me before Sunday (we all know you will), have a very happy Easter. 🙂

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