Wait… Where’d My Weekend Go?!

Wait… Where’d My Weekend Go?!

It’s 9:15.  PM.  On Saturday.  Where the hell did my day go?!  It flew by entirely too fast, and I hardly got anything done.

I did manage to find mom’s Mother’s Day gift, though.  Finally.  I’m a little late in getting it this year… usually I’d have had it weeks ago.

Blogging lately has proven to me that I lead a particularly dull life.  Don’t get me wrong… I’m okay with it, mostly.  My days with Gabe aren’t dull… but work & school tend to drag on & on.  It’s pretty much all I have time for anymore, and I hate it.  Thank God school’s out in a couple of weeks.  I’d love to be able to get out-of-town without feeling guilty.  Besides, I need some serious momma/Gabe time in which the schedule doesn’t revolve around his nap so I can get in some homework.  Just have to keep telling myself that it’s all going to be worth it.  ‘Cause it will be.  Just not fast enough, you know?

I made some stellar cookies Thursday for mom.  Nutella Chocolate Chip.  Ohhh yeah.  Did I need ’em?  Hell no.  But the three that I had were fan-damn-tastic.  On the other side of the health/fatty spectrum, after finals I’m going to be looking into Zumba.  It looks like a blast!  I used to treadmill, but just can’t get into it anymore.  I lost a ton of weight in high school (about 75 pounds) just by dancing in my room.  I wasn’t even trying to lose weight, but boy was I glad it all came off!  I gotta tell ya… I looked good from my junior year of high school until the month before I met my ex.  It all piled back on shortly after, though.  And now I’d like it to drop right back off.  I realize that baking will definitely need to become a thing of the past, but what must be must be.  Like school, losing weight isn’t purely beneficial for me.  Gabe needs to have a momma who can keep up with him!  He’ll be playing ball soon… and whatnot.  I don’t want to be the only mom (probably the youngest mom) who’s also the largest.  LAME.  Plus, kids learn from following their parents.  If he sees a wallowing cow, then chances are he’ll be one too.  And I don’t want that.  Not just for his physical health (although that’s the brunt of it), but also for his self-esteem.  Kids are freakin’ mean.  And even though I know there are going to be kids who pick on him, and he’ll pick on them as well, I don’t want their laughter to come from self-induced problems.  I’m probably thinking waaay to hard on this.  I mean, he’s not even two yet.  For cryin’ out loud.. I’m already setting him up for a life of BS!  But give me a break.  I am EXHAUSTED.  It’s been a tiresome few weeks… and I tend to over-analyze every detail of life anyway.  It’s a curse… and I hate it.  But who the hell likes a curse?

I’m rambling now… so I guess I’ll be headed to bed.  I’m ready to start writing some decent, non-rambling posts again.  I just don’t have it these days.


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