Ahnold Ain’t Comin’ Back… or is He?

Ahnold Ain’t Comin’ Back… or is He?

Just like everything else that the media has sunk their teeth into, this whole Schwarzenegger thing has been blown completely out of proportion.  I feel badly for Ms. Shriver & her children; truly, I do.  Hell, I feel badly for all parties involved, although I think the governor-elect really should have kept his trap shut.  But scandal happens every day in marriages, and who are we to intensify it?

I’ve known several men (and women) who have had affairs.  Granted, they are regular Joe’s who work nine to five.  But we don’t make a big deal out of those failed marriages, so why rant & rave over this one?  It’s almost humorous.  For crying out loud, guys… we don’t even know these people!  This is Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston all over again.  Talk about beating a horse to death.

Here’s what needs to happen.. it won’t, but you know.  It needs to.  Arnold should either:

a) Take full responsibility & pay up (not through the nose, mind you) OR
b) He should take a hike & let them live their lives the way they have been for what has apparently been a few years now.

Likewise, the “lady of the hour” should:

a) Not beat this to death, because it’s all being brought to the surface rather late anyway, and take what’s rightfully hers (no more, no less), OR
b) Allow Ahnold to take a hike so she & her children can get back to their normal lives.

That’s just a few ideal scenarios.  Of course, neither of the above will happen.  More than likely, they will..:

a) Fight this to the death, dragging the kids through the mud like it’s their fault,
b) Have a knock-down-drag-out custody battle, OR
c) Continue to get all the face time they can possibly squeeze out of this, no matter how ridiculous & dramatic it all really is.

But you know… I’m just sayin’.

Some people never learn.

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