I read this a while ago & thought of Gabe.  I know, I know… he’s not even two yet and can’t even say confirmed.  Or bachelor.  I don’t think.

But it made me think of him all the same.  A while back, I posted about Gabe not liking being hugged by a little girl in his class at day care.  She’s a sweetie, and they play well together… but damn it, he doesn’t want a hug!  Knucklehead.  It’s kind of bizarre to watch, actually.  He doesn’t mind initiating the hugging.. but no clingy ladies, please.  All the other kids kind of pair off with each other, but not Gabe.  He floats around from group to group, just doin’ his own thing.  It seems like he’s the ringleader (oh gah…), but wishes to remain unattached.  This is a good thing, I suppose.  I’d sure hate to put a little girl in a corner for playing footsy with him, but if push comes to shove…. 

In truth though, I hate the thought that Gabe might end up like that guy from “How I Met Your Mother”.  Gabe “Barney Stintson” H—.  hmm.  Gabe, you’re too young to read this now… but if ever you do, know that I am still your mother & I will always have full rights to whoop your butt.

My confirmed bachelor also seems to have a flair knack (guys don’t have flair — sorry) for t-ball.  He & I have played for the past few evenings & he loves it.  Granted, his swing resembles that of a golf swing, but give him a break!  He’ll get there.  Maybe.  And if not, there’s always swim team…. well.  Perhaps football.


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