Fill in the Blank Friday

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   The last movie I saw was The Devil’s Own.  Good movie. 🙂
2.  I want to eat  Chinese.  I have wanted Chinese for WEEKS now.
3.  Surprises are     great… sometimes.  Really depends on the surprise.  Like, “Surprise!  I’ve paid off your car!” would be FANTASTIC.  But, “Surprise!  I’ve taken your car!” would TOTALLY suck.  For real.
4.  The best accessory is   a smile.  Kidding!  I dunno… I love shoes.  Can’t go wrong with an amazing pair of shoes.
5.  My favorite warm drink is cocoa.  I don’t like coffee… and I hate hot tea.  blah.
6.  My favorite cold drink is  Diet Coke… or sweet tea.
7.  Currently loving  that I have Jack Daniel’s Down Home Punch in the fridge.  It’ll take me forever to finish it… but that’s okay.  I’m also loving that Gabe’s loving t-ball… even if he does like to take the stand-y thing apart and put it back together again more than actually playing.  It’s cool… I have fun watching him.
Batter up!

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