For Poppa.

For Poppa.

I’ve been thinking about my Poppa a lot lately.  He passed away in February of 2009, and I miss him terribly.  I was one of the lucky grandkids who was able to get to know him.  Sometimes I can still smell his scent — peppermints & Old Spice.  I LOVED that smell; still do.

That wonderful man had a large piece of my heart.  I’m ashamed to say, but as much as I adored him I never told him so.  He knew, though — I know he did.

When I was small he & I would eat toast every Sunday morning.  I called it “Poppa Toast” (give me a break for the lack of creativity, y’all.  I was still diaper clad when I “coined the phrase”).  One of my favorite pictures is the two of us eating Poppa Toast (it was apple butter that made it special, FYI).  I had my chubby hand on his arm as if to say, “Don’t you take my toast!”  I love that picture… I really should frame it.

Pop told the corniest jokes; they really were awful.  But he told them with flair, and that made them funny.  He was a preacher, and could give a sermon that would silence Billy Graham.  He was loved by many, & he lived a legacy.

He’s in Heaven right now, either mowing the grass, watching the Astros, or entertaining the other angels with Boudreaux & Thibedeaux jokes.  Whatever he’s doing, I hope he knows I’m thinking of him.  I hope he’s thinking of me, too.

“His eye is on the sparrow,
& I know he watches me.”


2 thoughts on “For Poppa.

  1. Very hard to lose grandparents. My grandma passed in 2007, my grandpa just passed a little over a month ago. A month before that, I lost my dad as well…..

    Good memories always make things better:) Remembering the smiling and the laughter. When I think back to memories of my grandfather, I am happy to say that I got a good 21 years with him, unfortunately my children will not have the same benefit as I did with their own grandfather!

    Sweet post!

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