Momma Fought the Techie & the Techie Won

Momma Fought the Techie & the Techie Won


Ah, technology.  It’s intimidating, intrusive, & yet essential to life American lives.  I’ve grown up in it, and I gotta admit… sometimes I’m baffled by it.  I can figure it out, though.  I can work with and/or around it.  My momma, though… that’s a whole other story.  It’s cool though, ’cause what she lacks in technical-savvy she makes up for in mean piano playing.

It’s no iPhone, but it ROCKED.

But seriously.  My mom retired her old Nokia a coupl’a years ago.  When we took it to Centennial they all gawked at it as if it were the Holy Grail.  “Oh, it’s a BRICK!” they said.  A brick?  What the hell, guys… it’s a phone.  Nope.  They explained to us that they called it the “brick” for it’s body style. 

And admittedly, it was a bit boxy (and a little awkward to hold between your cheek & shoulder when you were trying to operate heavy machinery & still carry on a conversation with grandma.  But it was what mom had, and it worked for her).  Anywho, the thing croaked.  So she had to have another one, right?  Right.  Now mind you, the “brick” lasted her for YEARS.  She probably had that thing for five years, which is a long life-span for a phone.  So they gave her this little blue slide-y thing, patted her on the head, and sent her off.

I HATE that phone.  It’s crap.  The back cover comes off.  It drops calls, IF it feels like taking it in the first place.  And the battery life?  Non-existent.  It’s lame, guys.  Lame.  But when she first got the shiny blue P.O.S, she was proud (not that she’d admit it or anything.  I mean, it’s a phone).  It was a slider!  And listen!, the ringtones aren’t tinny sounding!  Whoopee!

Sorry for the size, but even the picture is ashamed of this phone.

Not even three DAYS into the thing, she hates it.  Can’t say that I blame her.  The phone sucks big time.  But it’s not just phones that give her trouble (albeit, her phone doesn’t really count due to extreme lameness).  DVD players, remote controls… CD’s…. these things give her fits.  She’s not dense; far from it.  But it’s pretty funny to watch her put a tape (CD) into the VCR (DVD player).  So when I found this strip of Wanda & her cell phone woes, I lovingly thought of momma.

Sorry, mom.. please don’t shoot me.  But it’s only fair since you pick on me about my lack of football knowledge (I had to ask her if linebackers tackled people for this post.  Let the finger-pointing begin!).  I’m off to watch my back for the rest of the day. 😉  Y’all have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “Momma Fought the Techie & the Techie Won

  1. That’s so cute! My mom refuses to get a techy phone. When she has to get a new phone so goes in and says I want the plainest most simple phone you have. No extra this’s and that’s I want a phone I can call on and answer. End of story!!

    This year we got her into texting so that’s a new must have. But that’s it!! Poor mom still has a brick 😉

  2. Haha. This totally reminds me of my mom right after she got rid of her old phone. Had the phone for four years and one day it crapped on her. Gave her a new phone and it took her MONTHS to figure out how to correctly use the thing.

    Always reminds me of the time she started using T9 in her texts! Lol TOO FUNNY! She still misspells words and what should be kiss comes across lips so when she sends me a text that says “lips the babies for me” I always giggle!

    1. hahaha! I love that! Mom’s still new-ish to texting, so I get a lot of abbreviated words. She used to think LOL meant lots of love. Which, really, ain’t so bad. 🙂

      1. Oh thats funny. My boyfriend’s mother STILL thinks LOL means lots of love even though I’ve told her a bazillion times what it really means! Pretty funny when you get a text that says…cant wait to see you tomorrow LOL..ha really?

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