Exhaustion is Setting In

Exhaustion is Setting In

I haven’t written anything in over a week.  Not that my life is so great & interesting, but it’s been crazy ’round here.  Gabe started at a new day care two weeks ago, and it’s been hellacious.  Since he started there he’s had a constant case of diarrhea & awful diaper rash.  I’m one ticked off momma.

For a few days I really thought that his sour tummy & chapped behind was just a luck of the draw being that he was at a new place, with new kids, etc, etc.  But now I’m definitely not thinking that.  When he was at the other place he NEVER came home injured, sick, blistered, or (badly) bruised.  Since he’s at this one, though, it’s been an everyday occurrence.  It’s ridiculous & should never happen.  I send eight diapers with him every day, because that’s about how many he should use while he’s there.  Every day, I’ve gotten four back.  And every day he’s come home blistered & covered in flecks of dried feces.  Boy howdy, that’s some good child care I’m paying for!  I’ve spoken to three different ladies (two of them are the directors AND owners) about this.  Friday morning I spoke with a woman again and requested that they change him more often & that they keep him in the ointment that I provided.  Not only did they not do that, but it didn’t seem that much, if any, ointment had been used.  THREE TIMES I spoke with these women.  THREE TIMES.  That’s twice more than what I needed to do!  I was fuming Friday evening, and so help me God whoever I speak with tomorrow might just come out of our conversation with a red ass, themselves.

I mean, this goes beyond lazy.  You’re running a day care.  You’re taking care of my child.  I am PAYING YOU to handle my child the way I should think you’d want yours handled.  DEAL WITH IT.  But the thought occurred to me driving home while ranting at dad that surely Gabe’s not the first child to experience this bullshit.  And yet the day care is pretty well packed.  Am I the only parent who gives a rat’s ass that her kid comes back home in a condition that they were not sent in??  If I wanted Gabe to have constant diaper rash then I’d leave him in shit all day long!  But guess what???  I DON’T!

I’m required to give a two weeks notice, and I’ll be doing that tomorrow.  After that he’ll be going to daycare closer to my work & school… which really is more convenient anyway.  Regardless, I’m not a happy momma.  And really, who’d expect me to be?  Evidently the master geniuses at this “child care” center.

Anyway.  Last week was a long one, explosive diapers & red behinds aside.  Long, bad week.  Good-ish weekend.  Friday Gabe went to spend the weekend with his dad & I went to see Casey & Robby.  Casey made the mistake (or did she?) of making me rum & coke.  I had three, after which I could not feel my face.  Naturally, I did the adult thing & opted not to drive home & instead I fell face first onto her love seat, where I passed out until she made me get on the couch.  I barely remember moving.  I’m thrilled to say that there were no hangovers at the scene of the drink, although I did have to rush home & get dressed for my 11:00 eye appointment, which I made it back to town with five minutes to spare (woot!).

Tomorrow is the start of another week… surely it’ll beat last week by a mile & not be a complete suck fest.  Fingers crossed, but just in case — beer’s in the cooler.


4 thoughts on “Exhaustion is Setting In

  1. My cousins baby boy went through the same thing! He was constantly sick, constantly having diarrhea, and his bottom had blisters I’ve never seen on a babies bottom before. It was sad and she was stuck because they have to pay the entire year in full before they start and if they take them out they don’t get their money back.. it was ridiculous. As for me instead of working I opted to stay at home and take care of another child so someone else didn’t have to go through the fear of their child being left in their own poop all day. Turns out I make more doing at home daycare part time for one child than I did working at a full time job!! And this babies butt is no where even close to pink!!

    I hope you have a better time with the next daycare you use! I’d be just as upset as you!!!

    1. It’s just completely unnecessary. I don’t have time for laziness, especially where Gabe is concerned. I hope we have better luck with this next one, too. I think we will… I’ve never heard complaints.

  2. Wow how sad that someone would run a daycare like that!! I used to work at a day care in the 2 year old room and I would NEVER do that to a child. I don’t blame you for getting upset and I”m surprised you haven’t done more. If it were me I would maybe make a call to have the place checked out. Who knows what else they may be “slacking” on, ya know? I”m glad you have options and some where else to take him. I hope they do a better job taking care of your little boy!!!

    1. It’s insane. I’m hesitant to do anything more until he’s pulled out of there. As soon he is no longer in their care I will definitely be reporting them. I have a hard time believing that he’s the only child being “cared for” like this, so I’m sure that the state will find something else. Thanks!!

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