Check Please.

Check Please.

Sorry for lack of posting.  As usual, I’ve been running my butt off (more about that later) trying to get everything done.  I’m still not finished, and the to-do list is just a-pilin’ up, but I need a second to just breathe.  And think.  Well… maybe not think so much.  I’d over-analyze a leaf if you asked me to.. better if I mindlessly ramble.

My month has been filled with engagements, weddings, a sick baby, and haggling with LSU-A over my financial aid.  I’ve been drinking with Casey & making an ass of myself on the side.  Hey, I’m working on it.  Just let me finish this beer real quick…

Engagements:  Weren’t so bad.  It was hot as hell, but we went early enough & got some good shots.  Here’s one:

Sick baby:  My poor Gabe, since having switched day cares, has stayed sick.  Sour tummy… sinus infections… you name it.  I’m still pretty pissed about all that diaper rash, but it’s getting better.  I know, I know.. it’s just diaper rash; chill.  Yeah, well.  It’s just the point, ya know?  Hell.  I’m not paying you to ensure that he comes home with diaper rash… I’m paying you to not send him back with diaper rash.  Ideally, I’d like him back in the same order in which he was sent.  Which, coincidentally, also means no bite marks anywhere on his person.  kthanks.

Wedding: Again, not too bad.  Weddings tend to be nerve-wracking, anyway… but we survived it.  It was a lovely ceremony & a nice reception.  Plus, I adore the family.  Catie’s brother & his fiance` (now wife) were married a few Saturdays ago.  All in all it was pleasant, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you I didn’t have a beer (or two) afterwards.

Annnnd school:  LSU-Almost has always had a knack for taking their precious time when it comes to paperwork.  Especially paperwork of the financial aid variety.  Irritating.  We finally got it straightened out, though.  And it’s a good thing considering I start back on the twenty-second.  Still haven’t gotten my books.  That’s my bad.  I’m procrastinating because I opted to sign up for two classes that are going to kick my behind, and then hand it back to me.  Nervous doesn’t begin to cover how I’m feeling about this semester.

Next weekend is my last weekend of freedom until the middle of December, not counting the weekend of the 20th.  I still have no idea what we’re doing for Gabe’s birthday, and the clock is ticking.  I’m thinking he’s still a bit young for Chuck E. Cheese.  And, let’s face it, my kid would be the one to kill the mouse.  Just sayin’.  Y’all know I’m right — quit judging me.  I’ve got most of his birthday shopping done, although none of it is wrapped.  Probably won’t happen until the day of.  Maybe.

Since the beginning of July, I’ve managed to lose 30-ish pounds.  Go me!  Unfortunately, the weight loss process has slowed down.  I’ve lost maybe five more.  I’ve got about thirty left I’d really like to lose.  I’m not discouraged yet, but I am getting impatient.  So impatient, in fact, that in addition to my walking/jogging, I’ve started killing myself with cardio.  Seriously, guys, the day after I started I prayed that my behind would just fall off.  I was SO. SORE.  It was so bad, in fact, that it hurt to even sit down.  Like the motion of sitting down, or getting to that point.  Not actually sitting.  I didn’t move a lot that day.  My butt doesn’t scream at me anymore after I work out, thankfully.. so I guess it’s either numb or used to the movement.  But I thought I was in deep trouble there for a minute.  I found muscles I thought I’d lost after giving birth!

At some point I need to take some pictures of Gabe.  Birthday pictures!  I can’t believe he’s two already.  And Abi will be one soon, herself.  Time goes by so fast!  I find sometimes that I want them to stay little forever.  Until I hear something crash to the floor, anyway.  Then I let out a few “Hail Mary’s” and pray that they’d grow right on up.


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