Birthday Bust

Birthday Bust

Gabe turned the big 0-2 yesterday.  Poor little thing had a bummer birthday this year.  At the beginning of the week he had a cold.  Thursday, he came up with staph.  The big birthday party we had planned went to crap, bless his heart.  It’s okay… Lord knows he has many more coming.  But all the same… who wants to be in the ER for their birthday?!

By the time we got home yesterday evening he was worn out… was in bed by 6:30 (never happens), so we celebrated the big day a day late.  He got lots of great stuff, but the hit of the day was a shocker: the Melissa & Doug chalkboard I found at The Purple Cow.  He adores it.  I was amazed… but relieved.  We finished off with pizza & a m0mma-made cookie cake.

I’m glad to say that the staph looks like it’s getting better.  Thank God.  They said yesterday if it didn’t appear to take to the antibiotics by Monday that he would probably need to be admitted.  Great timing being that I start classes tomorrow.  But God is good, and it seems to be passing.  Poor little guy is just miserable.  Now if only I could figure out where he picked up staph –that’d be great.

Anyhow, tomorrow is the beginning of my end (until December, anyway).  I think I’ll fair pretty well in both classes, but after looking over their syllabus, I know I’ll be busy for sure.  Oddly enough, I’m more concerned that I won’t be able to keep up my exercise routine when classes start getting heavy.  Thirty pounds left to go… fingers crossed that I’ll still find time.


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