Past Few Weekends in Photos

Past Few Weekends in Photos

happy birthday to my boy. ♥

 My Gabe turned two a coupl’a Saturdays back.  He was sick, bless his heart, but he was still down for a small party (only ’cause of cookie cake… but whatev’s).  We canceled the bigger shin-dig at his Aunt Casey’s due to him having staph, but s’ok.  He’s all better now.

oh, yes. he loves george.
 First thing every. damn. morning. he wants to watch Curious George.  Only, its “Joge??  Momma, Joge!”  Yes, son.  We’ll watch damned Joge.  Again.  Guess I can’t complain… turns out he makes for a damned good baby sitter.
...of all the stuff he got, the chalkboard WOULD be his fave.

 ….annnnnd the chalkboard would be the hit of the day.  I’m glad… my walls aren’t.



 Cookie cake!  Initially, I ordered a cookie cake from the mall.  For 16 people.  I canceled that dude seeing as how there were only 5 of us at home.. one of us (me) being on a diet.  So, really.. four.  Like I need a big-ass cookie cake sitting there… looking all kinds of fantastic… taunting me.  So I made him one instead.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take a bite.  And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t good.  Stupid chocolate-y goodness.  I never got to take his birthday pictures, so we’ll be doing that this weekend provided it doesn’t rain (DON’T RAIN!!!).

i got to take my neice's 1st birthday pictures. 🙂 happy birthday, abi grace!

 I did have the privilege of taking my best friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday pictures. She was so good and I had a blast taking her photos! She was born a year two days after Gabe. They love each other already… I hope they continue to grow to be amazing friends!

already climbing trees? hmph. she's her momma's daughter.

 Our first stop on the agenda was my FAVORITE tree by a walking path in Alex. I got lots of good shots there, and then we made our way over to LC. By that time, it was steaming hot.  Abi was hungry. Cate was hungry. I, of course, was hungry. We were there maybe 15 minutes… and left for food. What can I say?  We’re southern girls.

 We just had Miss Abi’s 1st birthday party this past Saturday.  I have never seen such a turn out for one year old!

big ol' blue eyes.

  It looked like we knocked over Toys-r-Us after we’d finished loading up Cate’s car.  So many noisy things!  (dun dun dunnnnnnn)

i'm getting him started young. not a bad thing, right? right?!

 And lastly, Gabe has taken to is pretty much being forced to love Batman.  He’s legend.. c’mon.  Luckily, he likes him so far.  His little Batman racetrack, anyway.  According to Gabe, Batman’s car goes vrooommm.. vrooom… pshhhhhh.  haha.  Crazy kid.  So glad it’s not Gabe driving yet… or that my car doesn’t quite sound like vroommm.. vrooom.. pshhhh.


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