all is well; safely rest

all is well; safely rest

I know I’m two days late in posting about 9/11, but I’ve been so busy the past few days.  I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.  But I didn’t want to not acknowledge everyone affected by the 10 year mark of that horrible date, especially since we’ve come such a long way.  Also, my younger brother, Aaron, left for his second term in Afghanistan Sunday morning.  I feel it a privilege & my obligation to extend my sincerest thanks to him & to all of our troops who have fought, and who are still fighting, for our safety.

On September 11, 2001, America’s world was shaken from a blow that should have destroyed us.  Thousands upon thousands of lives were taken from this earth entirely too soon from their families & loved ones; personal dreams & aspirations.  That many more lives were touched deeply by these unknown heroes.  Not one of them that was taken by the tradgedy has been forgotten, and, God willing, never will be.

The men & women, both here & in the war zone, who gave shelter, safety, and their greatest guardianship should forever be branded in our minds & in history as wonderful, selfless beings, who reached out to a world who knew not their names.  To put a single face on every family; on every fireman; every police officer, soldier, volunteer… every life taken… it wouldn’t be right.  However, many still remain faceless.. most will be never be known.  So here’s to the faceless & every life shattered or taken.  Here’s to the proud, the brave, the selfless, the willing, the loyal… Thank you all for your service.  Thank you all for your protection.  Thank you all for a rebirth of a country that was once held captive by its own terror.

Thank you, Aaron, for protecting the family.  God speed.


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