Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Preface: I swear, y’all.. this is not me bashing Valentine’s Day like I did last year.  Swear it.  Okay, there may be a little bashing.. but not on the day itself, but the miscommunication of it all.  There.  I admit it. 

*insert Billy Mays here* But wait!  There’s more!  I’m counteracting my negativity with 14 things I love, so what now???

“Cupid” comes from the Latin, “cupido,” which means — ready???– “desire”.  Cupid, by definition, means desire.  Not love.  Not adoration.  Not buy-one-get-one sales on chocolate at Walgreens.  “Desire.”

“But to desire someone means you la-ha-hooove them, Sarah!”  Negative, ghost rider.  Desire could be love (and I only say this because, according to dictionary.com, love is a synonym for the misnomer.. but I digress), but more often than not to “desire” is to lust.  To crave… etc, etc, etc.  And we all know what desiring does to us.  Well.  Any of us who have children do, at least.  And let me tell you, a hospital bill is a hefty price to pay for prior bad sex and alcohol.  But again, I digress.

Hey… while still on topic of “craving”… I craved the crap out of some dairy products while I was pregs with Gabe & do you know happened??  75 pound happened.  So, yeah.  My desire for cheese & such bit me in the ass… so to speak.

Anyway.  I’m all for love.  True love.  Not “Heyyyy booo… wanna hook up?,” love.  More like, “Sweet Lord your breath is awful this morning, but damnit you’re friggin cute,” love.  It still exists, of that I’m convinced.  Currently, my favorite love is waking up to my two-year-old’s big toe in my eye.  Sounds awful, but at least I know I was well behaved the night before, and what’s more, I can remember the night before.  I could probably even tell you when said big toe was planted into my eye socket, and why I was too lazy to remove the pain-causing agent.

Anyway, I promised I wouldn’t knock this uber-expensive holiday, but I do wanna say this: Aros, another Latin term for Cupid, means love.  Oddly enough, Aros is often the equivalent of Erotes (Latin for erotic love).  Anyway it goes, whether it be a Cupido, Aros, or Erotes kind of love, Happy Valentine’s Day.

That right there? That’s LOVE you guys. For reals.


  1. I love my Gabe.  Not that it’s a secret, or anything.  But that little man has my whole heart & then some.  He was also expensive as hell, & I’d like to keep around for a while.  Get my money’s worth, ya heard me???
  2. Love the parental units (just kidding guys).  I appreciate that they allowed the pair of us to live with them for 2.5 years.  It didn’t go unnoticed, and it was definitely appreciated.  Also, they didn’t kill me for the 18 years they probably should have.  So, thanks for that.
  3. I love friends that become family.  I’ve got an amazing support network, and for that I am blessed beyond measure.  Right now, Gabe & I are living with Cate & Abi.  And while there will be many benefits to this, its also a huge inconvenience (you can tell me its not all you want, Mae, but it totally is).  I love that I have good friends I can count on, and I hope they know they can count on me.
  4. I sure do love my Poppa & think of him often.  I can’t tell you how much I wish he were here to meet my Gabe… they’d have been big pals.

    love that man.
  5. I love Diet Coke.  LOVE. IT.  Hook me up to an IV, man.
  6. I love daisies.  Gerber daisies.  They’re my favorite, for sure.  Tulips are a close second.
  7. I love to write.  I don’t have time anymore, but I love it.
  8. I’ve recently started painting and I love it too.  Again, no time to.  But it’s fun.
  9. I love a guy who can play with my kid.  Maybe not love a guy, but we’ll probably be fast friends if you can entertain Gabe.
  10. I love driving around aimlessly… or even with a point in mind.
  11. Music makes my world go ’round most days.  It’s so quiet at the office more often than not, so music helps my day suck less.
  12. I really love learning.  I’m a nerd.  I love a learning challenge… I don’t do very well if you’re handing me the answers, ’cause I mean… seriously.  Why do I need to pay attention if you’re spelling it out for me?  Moving on.
  13. I love bon fires.  They screw my head up for days, but they’re fun, and they’re about as redneck as I’m going to get.
  14. I love that Valentine’s Day is nearly half over.  Sorry, guys… had to get that last dig in.

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