Baby Steps, Big Steps

Baby Steps, Big Steps

Most of you know that I am beyond pleased with the day care at which Gabe is currently attending.  Since he’s started at this location doctor visits have been kept to a minimum, his attitude has slowly (but steadily) improved, and his over-all comprehension level has risen.  The staff & directors are awesome ladies, and from the get-go have made my little guy feel at ease.

What most of you don’t know is Gabe has a hard time expressing himself verbally.  I’m sure those of you who aren’t parents (and maybe some of you who are) think I’m a little ridiculous for worrying about this.  I mean, he’s two & a half, right?  Wrong.  I don’t expect him to recite the Declaration of Independence and I don’t believe he’ll be picking up a book anytime soon and reading it from cover to cover without error.  Hell, right now I’m even pretty lax on if he gets his alphabet completely in order (we’re getting better!!).  But with that being said, I am supposed better understand the things that comes out of his mouth.  Even as “momma” I don’t understand half of what he says, which leaves me saying “yes” or “no” more than I probably should and leaves Gabe feeling frustrated.

I won’t lie: I’ve been pretty frustated myself.  It isn’t uncommon to have communcation errors with your two-year old child.  I know I’m not the only parent alive who struggles with temper tantrums from their little one, but now I wonder if his trouble expressing things is keeping some anger pent up causing these sudden outbursts of rage.  “Outbursts of rage,” eh?  Yeah.  Don’t believe me?  Come by my place one day and watch.  It’s like a lightswitch.  He’s a great kid, really — not just saying that.  But when we experience an error in communicating, take cover because the grenade is launched.  Before, when he threw a fit, I’d spank him.  That grew to yelling, which led to spanking.  Finally coming to my senses & realizing that spanking’s not for everything & yelling encourages the problem (yaaay negative attention), I’ve started sending him to his room when he acts out.  This has actually helped a bit.  It gives him a minute to think, “Okay.  Mom makes me leave the quiet people when I act out, so this must be bad,” & it gives me two seconds to regain my composure & release some anger in a more healthy way (thank God for Dove chocolate [only joking. partially.])  When he’s done wailing & I’ve simmered down, I go in and release him into civilization (i.e.: the living room).  It’s taken some time, and will take a bit longer, but I think we’ve found a solution however temporary it may be.

Anyway.  I’ve said all that to say this: I’m not the only person who has noticed his poor articulation.  The ladies (afore mentioned) at his day care have also taken notice & have acted pretty well in response to the issue.  One of the ladies who keeps him first thing in the morning approached me with a pamphlet today.  It’s state-issued, and the program it talks about is called “Early Steps.”  At first I was perplexed like, “..the heck is this??,” but then she explained it & I couldn’t have been more thrilled with both the facility & the program itself.  There is a screening process, and Gabe (from reading the pamphlet) is doing pretty well in everything except his speech.  This qualifies him for assistance, & I’m so excited.  If everything goes as I’m hoping, Gabe will better express himself which will (hopefully) help us out on the attitude spectrum.  God bless him, this isn’t his fault — I know.  And I know, it isn’t mine either.  But I am so hopeful that this will all work out.  This really is an answered prayer — I’ve worried about this for months (literally) and I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only person who found his speech problem concerning.  Baby steps, guys.. baby steps.  But we’re getting there.

Easter pictures tomorrow.  Hopefully they won’t be like our first attempt at Christmas pictures this past year — haha.  Happy weekending!

big guy. 🙂

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