Baby Steps, Big Steps II

Baby Steps, Big Steps II

Remember how awhile back I posted that Gabe’s daycare noticed what a hard time he was having speaking?  And how impressed (and thrilled!) I was that someone else, besides my cling-on mom self, saw the problem?  Well.  About a week & a half or two weeks ago I got word that he was too old for the program.  That really disappointed me because I just knew that we were going to get on top of all this trouble.  His daycare, again!, stepped up & told me about another program here that we could enroll him in.  Unfortunately, it would have meant I would’ve had to place him in pre-k, which neither of us are ready for.  It also would have meant that my school would have taken a back seat, which was fine by me, although not ideal.  We were set for that… I was game for anything.

Fast-forward to today.  Early Steps is taking him on!!!!  I am beyond excited and just beside myself with having to share how excited & grateful I am.  It’s not really for sure just yet, but a lady has agreed to see me for written evaluation and for that I am thrilled.  I will be meeting with her on the 17th… and of course, I’ll be on pins & needles until I hear back for confirmation (or not).  But I am so excited regardless… this is one huge step in the right direction.  Fingers crossed, guys… this could change so, so much.  Will keep you posted. 😉


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