Jet Plane Weekends

Jet Plane Weekends

Trying to live in the moment is hard to do when it’s rushing by you faster than a jet plane.  This weekend, though, we made sure that it went as slooowly as was humanly possible — without being all Keanu Reeves: Matrix about it.  Friday night Cate & I watched Resident Evil, parts one & two.  Most of you who know me know that I am not a zombie-watchin’ kind of girl.  Give me a good chick flick or raunchy-ish comedy any day.  But I watched them.  And they were Jurassic Park cheesy — and completely revolting — and I only checked behind my shower curtain once.

Okay twice.

Fine, I check behind my damn shower curtain every time I’m in the bathroom now.  Happy???  Geez.

Anyway.  It was a good time, though, grossing ourselves out completely.  I’ll never watch it again, but it was a good time, regardless.  Saturday we took it slow.  I made oatmeal banana pancakes (yaaay Pinterest).  Around noon I made my way over to get Gabe’s hair cut (he was such a big guy!).  At two(ish) Cate, me & the ankle biters made our way to town to blow money we didn’t need to on stuff we (unfortunately) needed and to eat Mexican with some friends.  A great time was had by all…. except for the poor bastards that wound up having to clean up after us.  We got the hell outta there before we could receive a damages check.*  Saturday evening, after the kiddos crashed, we finished off the remaining two Resident Evils and enjoyed some daiquiris (the only way I could stomach another zombie induced massacre).

This morning we zoo tripped.  We had a great time (minus a few fits) and it really made my weekend.  The weather was beautiful, the kids were pretty good, and the animals were out & about.  Of course, the kids were interested in everything but the animals.  There were waterfalls, and replicas of oil drillers, and trains… Oh, the train!  They loved the train.  Hell, I liked the train & I’m a grown woman.  But they enjoyed themselves, and we loved watching them see new things, and I think it’s safe to say that the trip was a success.  After we left there (three hours later) we headed to McDonald’s to have McNuggets & check out the play place scene (you know… the kids just had to catch up with their peeps).  We’ve been chillin’ since then, just taking in the last few hours of our weekend, trying to persuade Monday to come in late tomorrow.  Perhaps call in with the case of the dumb, Monday.  We’ll understand.

Still checking the shower curtain.

Don’t judge.

*No Mexican restraunts were greatly harmed in the production of this blog.**

**Hopefully.  We didn’t actually stick around to find out.


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