You Want Fries With That? Tough Shit.

You Want Fries With That? Tough Shit.

Leave it to NYC to pull some shit.

I understand that obesity is on the rise.  Has been for YEARS.  And admittedly, being a mother, I don’t want my kid stuffing his face with empty calories.  With that being said, I have to say that the banning of large sugary drinks in NYC is ridiculous.  I, myself, am a big fan of Diet Coke.  Even I can admit it’s not good for me.  I’ve been known to drink two or three a day.  Although diet sodas are free from caloric value, they are not free of harmful chemicals.  Furthermore, for me, the more diet sodas I drink, the hungrier I get.  So, in essence, diet beverages are not without caloric damage, whether it be first hand or second.  So, NYC.  If you’re gonna go all Big Brother on your population and ban large sugar-loaded sodas from vendors, theatres, etc… why not make a full sweep and ban chemical-endowed diet beverages?  Better yet, how about you ban anything that could pose a threat to human health?  You can’t.  Because you’d be banning everything.

I very seldom ever get on a kick about anything I hear about via the media, because it’s all a load of bullshit.  But this one hit a nerve.  I’ve lost eighty pounds since last June.  You know how?  By my own choice.  There are still days I eat things I shouldn’t.  But I make conscious effort to behave and live a healthier lifestyle.  NO ONE stood over me and banned food or controlled my eating habits.  And to be frank, had someone done that, I’d probably weigh 500 pounds.  Why?  Because no one likes to be nagged.  And New York, congratulations, you’ve become the nagging bitch in the marriage that is to you & the people of the city and state.  If someone chooses to have three or four large Cokes a day and a few thousand pounds of grease, then that’s on them.  You can’t ban scissors because some asshole MIGHT cut their finger off, right?  Right.  So, if someone is weak-minded enough to gorge themselves, then let them.

Things like this city-wide ban are reasons why assholes sue fast food chains because they can’t fit in a booth or because they spill hot coffee on themselves.  We are enabling them to behave like co-dependent, money-grubbing… dumbasses.  AND WE’RE LETTING IT HAPPEN.  Because we don’t want to hear about it.  Tell you what.  My obesity was no one else’s business.  I lost weight because I wanted to be able to see my child graduate. And get married.  And have children of his own.  I lost weight because I got tired of not being able to breathe… and because I couldn’t fit in a booth at McDonald’s (the last place I needed to be).  I did something about it because I decided to.

America has always had this knack for over-stepping.  Granted, we gained our freedom by over-stepping.  But things of this nature?  No good.  Teaching our children to be active, and teaching them how to live healthy lifestyles without beating themselves up? Thatis what the state needs to focus on.  None of this passive-aggressive, bullshit banning.  And this doesn’t really fall on the state’s plate.  NEWS FLASH.  Obesity in general?  That’s an issue of self-control.  And I can say that because here a year ago I weighed 235 pounds.  I was 235 pounds of chocolate and carbs and beer… I gorged until I could gorge no more.  I took control of it.  I hate to harp on about myself… I’m not patting myself on the back.  But I’m a good example of what self-control wasn’t and what it is.  I like to eat.  But I love my son, and my health, more.  And to be honest, the idea that Gabe would watch me his whole life being out of shape and quite large?  I was terrified he would end up the same way.

So, New York and anyone else nagging the shit out of everybody else, here’s a head’s up:  The individual, not the group, not the state, not the country, the individual makes up his or her mind to do anything.  Whether it be eating healthier, getting active… anything.  And this even goes beyond health… this is life as a whole.  It is the individual mindset that motivates, or not.  I have grown tired of all the time hearing how the state is going to put their foot down and yadda, yadda, yadda.  A little tough love never hurt anybody.  Let someone end up with Type 2 diabetes.  I don’t want anyone to be sick!  Are you kidding?  But if that’s what it is going to take to get their mind right, then heck yeah.  I let my thyroid go down the toilet.  Guess what?  That was my bad.  What was I going to do, sue the doctor who told me?  No.  I got my mind right.  It can be done… it’s just got to be done the right way.


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