Birthday Prepping

Birthday Prepping

Last Sunday we took Things 1 & 2 out for birthday pictures.

They were GOD. AWFUL.

And yet, as we always do, we managed to grab some pretty good shots.

Would anyone care to tell me what it is about children and their serious lack of cooperation when picture-taking is involved?!  Not just random, walking through the house, “Here, smile for my phone.”  No, no.  Good pictures.  Christmas cards.  Easter.  Bloody birthdays.  Gahhhhhhh.  Nevertheless, we got some goodn’s.  So there, kids.  What now?!

I think what it boils down to (aside from untimely temper tantrums) is they know that these pictures will go on the wedding slide show.  And if not the wedding slide show, then it’ll go into that album.  The one that always gets left on the coffee table when guests are lurking.  You know what I mean.  Naked baby pictures.  Prom pictures.  School pictures.  That one picture you thought had been “done away with”… the one of you in curlers with a refining mask on in your pj’s.  You know.  THAT ALBUM.

But I digress.  They’re smart kids, I’ll give them that.  ‘Cause that’s what I plan on doing… you know.  Since they’re such GOOD CHILDREN.  😉

Anyway.  It’s hard to believe that our ankle biters are turning 2 & 3.  It is terribly cliché to say, but I honestly have no idea where the time has gone.  Every detail regarding Gabe still stands out to me vividly… a lot of memories.  Some good, some bad, all worth it.

I promise I won’t write a super-sappy post today (I’ll save that for August 20th & 22nd).  Today is the “real-life” post.

Lately, Gabe & I have been on a tear.  He’s three, I’m not.  I don’t understand him sometimes and he, likewise, doesn’t understand me.  We both love each other, and that’s obvious.  He is my world & I am his momma.  There isn’t a doubt of love or affection.  But it has been tough recently.  And I know that’s normal.  But, God… it’s getting old.  I’ve really tried to work on it this week hard, though.  And so far (I know it’s early on, yet) things have slowly started turning around.  I don’t know if it will last or if it will take at all.  But I’m hoping it will, because good God Almighty something has got to give.

Both the kids feed off each other.  If one’s in a good mood, the other probably will at least be in a decent mood.  If one’s in a bad mood?  Sweet Jesus.  Duck, cover, and grab a beer: It’s game on, over & out.

It will all kink out in time.  I have no doubt of that.  But I sure as hell wish that this  time, not all of it… just this time, would carry it’s ass on.  Gabe, like me, is tenderhearted and over-all a sweet kid.  But this defiant streak?  Blatant defiance?  Nah, man.  That shit’s for the birds.  And he gets that honestly as well, although I’m not going to talk about that at present.

Things will work out.  They’ve got to.

Right now we’re planning & (anxiously) looking forward to Abi & Gabe’s 2nd and 3rd birthdays.  Our little ones are growing up mighty fast.  It’s bittersweet.  Times like these I long for when they were brand new.  I know when this fog clears that more will be on it’s way… it’s just a part of parenting and a part of life, period.  Until the fog lifts, though, we’re going to work on this together.  It’s an idea that seems crazy to me considering the huge age gap and overall different levels of everything else.  But we’ll get there.  And then we’ll brace (or maybe not) for the next thing.

Until then… We’re alive.  And kicking.  And screaming.  And okay… maybe drinking.  Maybe.


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