Rockin’ Around (er.. Down) the Christmas Tree

Rockin’ Around (er.. Down) the Christmas Tree

Did somebody say “timber?”  No, seriously — whodunit?  Because this morning was the THIRD time our little tree hit the dirt as though it had been slugged by a snowball.  I oughtn’t be surprised, really; this happens to me every year at least once.  And I suppose I should be grateful that it didn’t fall on me like in years past.  Two of those years we had company over, leaving me on the couch (by the tree), and at wee hours of the morning the lit dude fell right on top of me.  It really is a wonder I don’t have Grinch-y tendencies.  No, instead I cut down and kill a tree every year in hopes that someday one will get the (needle) point and, you know, quit being such a pain in the ass.  Maybe Santa will bring me a heavier tree next year..?  hmmmm.

Anyway, it is finally starting to feel like Christmas here in The Boot and we are all relieved.  I don’t know about you, but nothing ruins Christmas more than a hot Christmas (except frozen hot chocolate, which is completely twisted).  Evan and I brought Gabe to see the lights in Natchitoches a while back and my parents came along as well.  Gabe just loves the lights, what few there are, here in town, and I just knew he would love the festival.  It was pure magic for me when I was small — hell, I still love it.  So on we went on our first Christmas adventure of the year!  Gabe had a ball.  He ooh’ed and ahh’ed at all the lights and sights (whew… I’d hate to see that light bill..) and laughed and shot at (yep..) the fireworks.  That 1000 watt smile of his positively beamed brighter than the bulbs that glowed and made this old momma bear heart melt.  Afterwards, we headed back to town for Cracker Barrel and finally got in the door around 11:30.  I think Ev and I are officially on Santa’s Nice List.  Right, Santa?

At any rate, this has been an enjoyable, if not hectic, season.  We have officially almost finished shopping and are getting ready to settle in before the visits to multiple homes for even more Christmas festivities.  Little bit has so enjoyed Christmas this year… I hate to take it all down.  But take it down we shall lest we look like we stepped out of Redneck Festivus Magazine.  For now and until it is time to head into the New Year I will enjoy watching him gaze at the tree and listening to his excitement any time he sees “Ho Ho.”  sigh.  Poor Santa.  I mean Ho Ho.

Because I am not good at updating with some regularity to ye olde blog, I will go ahead now and wish you all (all three of you poor souls) a very Merry Christmas and a blessed, safe New Year.

be merry.

...laughing all the way
…laughing all the way

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