It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

It really is the little things that make a difference in a relationship. It is for me, at any rate. I have never been a high-maintenance, money-grubbing, jewelry-clad kind of girl anyway (back down guys – I’m taken), so for me little things are generally über romantic. Don’t get me wrong; I love getting daisies and tulips, and I love a good date night. But cooking dinner (or breakfast) to save me some pregnancy brought-on nausea; cleaning the mat under the dish drain without complaining (or being asked to); hell — even watching a goofy, animated movie with me is pretty much amazing in my book.

Guys are, by nature, relatively self-oriented. I’m not saying all of you are, so let’s not get our knickers in a knot. But, for the most part, it is true. Women (although maybe less, lately) are more inclined to be a little subservient or hospitable. Of course, I’m saying that spoken like a true momma who hasn’t had her nails done since January. So all you feminists and single daddies out there…. please don’t hunt me down and gut me. Mmkay? Anyway, I’ve said all that malarkey to say this: when a guy does something that goes out of their way? Or sits right next to you during a movie (instead of in his favorite chair) just so you’ll stay awake so he can spend some time with you? Or eating an awful dinner and swearing that it was good – even when your not-at-all-picky toddler has already determined that it is, in fact, inedible? That, ladies… that man is a keeper.

And I’m going to go ahead and say it, and you can all roll your eyes and, “Oh, Sarah…” as much as you’d like, but playing with my kid and treating him like he’s your own is pretty much the clincher for me. The only thing I love more than hearing Gabe’s wild-man cackle is hearing my two guys laughing together. It makes my bad days better times 100 – and I promise I’m not just saying that. That laughter fills our little apartment with a sudden burst of happiness, and it is a sound I pray my heart will never forget. I so look forward to hearing another tiny giggle added to both your booming laughs in a few months.

And so in closing – babe, you have made our lives so much better in ways I never even thought of. And I can handle your sometimes bear-like ways and whiskers in the sink because of the little things. Because it’s the little things that make up a story…. And it’s the little things that make us love you.

love you, mag.

your fbg.


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