Drumroll, Please…..

Drumroll, Please…..


…it’s a BOY!  We are the proud and expectant parents of another little guy.  I actually wrote about this last Thursday thinking it was a girl.  We had been told it was a girl last Monday, but I had another appointment on Thursday which debunked that chromosome fib.  A shocking sonogram actually showed Thursday that… well, you know what it showed.  It’s probably for the best; Evan handled the news well, considering, but I’m pretty sure we’d have been any gunmaker’s best friends if you catch my drift.  Between Evan and Gabe that would have been one well-protected little lady.

Anyway, it’s a boy and we are all very excited.  Evan’s excited for the obvious.  I’m pretty much just thrilled that there is only one baby in the oven and that it seems to be coming along rather nicely.  Gabe doesn’t know what’s going on, which of course makes him positively giddy — although he does like seeing little brother in mommy’s belly.  So, until we hear any different, our little one (or Connor Grey) will be here in four short months.  Which is crazy ridiculous.  I have exploded, although thankfully only in the belly region.  I’ve gained a total of ten pounds (whoopee!) and am feeling fantastic.  By this time with Gabe I had already packed on a whopping thirty-five (yep. thirty-five) pounds.  So help me Jesus, I’ll not do that again.  Daddy is fine and much less red-faced now that he knows he can stop looking on Amazon and eBay for chastity belts (I only wish I were joking) and Gabe is very nearly potty trained!  Thank God.  I totaled up just how much money I would be spending on diapers and Pull-Up’s the other day and very nearly fell out.  Seriously, I couldn’t even afford to give my checking account a proper funeral.

Hopefully soon Mr. Gabe will be fully potty-trained and I’ll have a brief reprieve of diaper-buying.  He’s pretty excited to be wearing big-boy underpants, and we’re making a huge (probably too big) deal out of it.  But I have no shame and would walk around with tighty whities on my head if I thought it would get the point across.  No lie.  I’d even wear them bad boys to work, dude.  Desperate times, desperate measures — don’t judge.

Right now we’re getting ready for the weekend.  We’re having Easter dinner at the house with my parents and brother and Evan’s dad & step-mom, Rita.  I’m pretty stoked for it since this is the first time we’ve ever had both sets of family over for anything.  The apartment was just tiny… hell, there was barely enough room there for the three of us.  I’m glad that we’re in a place where we can have company over and not have to worry about what our neighbors are going to say.  You know.  Since we’re no longer inches from their living area.  So we’re taking advantage of our added space and will be bar-b-que’n and whatnot.  I have some family coming in from out-of-state that we’ll be seeing, and I’m pretty excited about that.  They haven’t seen Gabe since he was very small, and now that I’m expecting my second I’d say it’s well past time.

If I’m not back before Sunday, Happy Easter.  Fingers crossed for us on the potty training spectrum.


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