American Morality: The Shit Has Finally Hit the Fan

American Morality: The Shit Has Finally Hit the Fan

I really must make it a point to stop reading MSN’s front page — or paying attention to anything “news-worthy” from any media at all, for that matter. I’m sure you’ve heard about the mass-stabbing at a Texas school that took place today. Soon, we’ll also hear about the outlawing of knives. Won’t be long, and another jackass, trying to make a statement, will violate others in a mass slingshotting episode. And again, there will be an outlawing. I’m not sure if the “gentleman” that so boldly stabbed what I last heard as fourteen people was trying to make a political gesture or if he was freaking about mid-terms and simply cracked. There again, I don’t care what his reason was. Whether it be point proving or what-have-you, the media, of course, jumped right on it. Now our fearless leader, too, will jump right on it. In no time at all we will have a mass banning of something else because another genius saw fit to ruin basic defense tools for everyone else.

To this individual, I say congratulations and piss off.

It will never cease to amaze me the things that are put under ban. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a super gun or weapons enthusiast. They scare me to death, to be honest. BUT. I am in no way, shape, or form against the owning of guns for simple home defense and other recreational, valid use. Guns, among other weapons, fall into the wrong hands every day. They have for decades. And just like every other weapon known to man since the beginning of man, guns have been destructive. BUT. They have also proved to be good, useful tools. Do you really think that guns in the hands of certain government officials are being used wisely? Or with merit? No, sir! And back to knives. Again, because I am one gigantic pansy-girl, knives freak me out too. Do I feel knives should be banned? Um, no. I am a young mother to what will soon be two small boys. As hopeful as I am that I will never have to defend us in our home or on the streets, it is a disturbing “if” that one day I might have to. I hate to tell you, but if my only defense is my hands and feet, we’re done for. It is a basic human right to protect one’s self and his or her loved ones. It is a basic human privilege and right to bear arms. I should be able to, if I feel threatened, protect my family the way I see fit. If I am being come at forcefully and violently, you better believe that I want a gun or other defense mechanism at my disposal. Will I shoot or throw to kill? Honestly, probably not. I have terrible aim and would more likely make them dance than do them damage. But they would sure as hell get the idea that I will not be messed with – nor will my little ones.

The government on the larger spectrum has not yet stepped in and given its infinite thoughts of wisdom on the events at hand today. For that I am glad, but am waiting for it. We are watching our own world fall apart. Our overall “virtues” have clogged the figurative Morality Toilet and we are currently waist-deep in its mess. Frankly, I’m sick of it. American politics and “ethics” reek of bullshit. We are as rearwards a country as we could possibly be. We bury our heads in the sand when the government says, “bury,” and also when being accused of being “politically incorrect.” Our children fall victim to violence in schools, and instead of offering defense we point fingers and remove defense. Our families become prey to random violence on the street – and instead of offering shelter and a stronghold, we offer up words of disdain and judgment. I am tired of the fight. I’ve long since grown weary of the argument. So go ahead. Remove weapons from the hands of innocence. Take away armament from the lives of just. Just know that you’re not taking away killing sprees; instead, you’re adding to them. Do you really think the wrong and immoral will cease in acts of cold-blooded hatred just because the majority becomes unguarded? Reverse psychology, in this instance, becomes null and void, and we as a people become just as guilty as the wrong-doers themselves. Why? Because we are allowing doom to take over. We are stepping aside and becoming the beaten down dog that our Master would have us be. We are succumbing to our end.

On a different topic, but same level of violence and hate, people such as this are allowed to murder the undeniably innocent; the small ones who have not yet taken in our polluted air to be called anything but blameless. We give “walking rights” to those of us who murder clinically or otherwise due to, “acts of insanity,” or, “lack of proof.” We are far more concerned with celebrity wrongful death and demise than we are the destruction and devastation of our children, our homes, and our overall well-being. I have written of these things before, and I will continue to until my fingers lose their agility. I will continue to speak of it until these lungs cease to have breath within them. America, you are sorely backwards. In this age that we’ve been granted such great potential of prosperity and justice, we instead turn to desolation and unethicalness. My heart aches for what will be. My heart longs to keep my own little ones safe from your grasp. Your day is coming, Land of the Free. Our New World will crumble beneath our feet if you continue to allow the bane of earthly existence to let loose its havoc. I sincerely hope that your “washing of hands” removes any trace of guilt from your hearts as it has quite obviously removed any sense from your minds.


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