Where’s Ray Charles When You Need ‘Em?

Where’s Ray Charles When You Need ‘Em?

‘Cause I got them bed time blues.  Well, not me so much as Gabe.

I’ve never had a hard time getting him to sleep.  Sure, it has sometimes taken a while.  But somehow or another we’ve always avoided the gymnastics routine.  The past couple of nights there have been flips, splits, high jumps, & tumbles galore…. and that’s just ME!  He’s wearin’ me out, man!  He’s plumb wired and all I can say is that it must be the weather.

Now, before you fellow Cenla-ites beat me with sticks for griping about the rain, hear me out.  I’m thrilled that we’ve had a few really good showers.  I’m glad that when I step on my lawn the grass no longer pops underneath my feet.  Most of all, I’m glad that when my son takes a big handful to deposit into his mouth it doesn’t poke him in the lip.  So, yes.  I’m ecstatic that we didn’t blow off the map like a tumbleweed.  But this weather has played a cruel trick on me in the form of a wired, cracked-out kid.

Now mind you, he’s not being bad.  He’s just WILD!  And, apart from filling him with sleeping pills (relax, guys.. I haven’t done it.  yet), there’s really not a helluva lot I can do.  Tonight makes night number four that he’s gone without a binky, so that’s playing a part in it as well.  So, the lack of posts have been due to Gabe becoming temporarily crazed between 7:30pm & 9:00pm.  Also, nothing interesting has happened this week.

Unless you count me getting my hair trimmed.

Yeah, I didn’t think so, either.

x's this by 10 & throw in a few 20 mile sprints & you have my son.